AdvoCare BIG Announcement!

I just got off the live call and our President & CEO, Richard Wright, just made a BIG announcement.

You already might be aware that on Labor Day weekend, you’ll see the AdvoCare name at the Atlanta Motor Speedway for the AdvoCare 500…


And now you will see it on the gridiron too!

Get ready for the AdvoCare Texas Kickoff Classic – August 31 on ESPN and ABC – Mississippi State vs. Oklahoma State.  Read more about that here and here



AND… the Cowboys Classic is also being sponsored by AdvoCare – August 31 on ESPN and ABC – LSU vs. TCU


And get ready for the new Drew Brees AdvoCare ad campaign being launched the same weekend.  Quite simply, if you are watching any sporting events during Labor Day weekend this year you are going to see the AdvoCare name all over!

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